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- Forever Endeavor -

External Services:
  • illianaka@livejournal.com
I am a woman in her 20's who likes anime, loves reading, craves to write for a living, works a lot, and goes from posting obsessively to neglecting this journal. I am opinionated and crass and predictable in every way. I fiercely love me.

Favorites: Overall - Night World (L.J. Smith)
Watching - Archer/The Vampire Diaries
Reading - Shuji - Laura Joh Rowland
Playing - Dragon Age: Origins
Listening - Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Other Links:
silver_pants (my writing journal)
loves_her_dead (my icon journal)
My DeadJournal (fairly dead now, used for easy access to lyrics)
My Artwork (original and fanart)
My Original Fiction
My Fanfiction