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I have issues. Sequel to Blur the Lines. Also, electrical play.

Nearly three weeks passed before she heard from Klaus again. Three weeks since the night he intruded upon her home in a rage, fifteen days since she reluctantly washed the sheets of his scent, and far too long since she had resorted to fantasies and alone time.

Now the proof of what he’d done had been literally washed away, and she was left with little more than passionate memories.

Not that another lover was unattainable. She was Caroline Forbes, known for her master planning and persistence. The fact was she simply didn’t feel like going out to find new blood to satiate her needs. As a grown, confident woman, she was perfectly happy to ignore her base desires and focus on the important things. Like work, her friends, and whether or not to tip the lady who had botched her nail job.

The way she figured, her steadfast lack of need meant that when she responded to his first terse text in weeks was nothing of significance. 9:00, was all the message read. No flirting, no cajoling, and certainly nothing to warm her up.

Which was perfectly fine, of course. After all, three weeks of just living her own life, without his stupid interferences and break-ins, was plenty of time to herself. And she’d thoroughly enjoyed it. Now she only intended to meet him because she had no plans that night.

Besides, he owed her an apology.

Her late arrival to their rendezvous dungeon was deliberate. By the way he scowled at her when she closed the door he knew what she was doing. But Caroline kept her expression cold—well, as cold as she could. He hadn’t blindfolded himself prior to her arrival this time. Not unheard of, but unusual.

More curiously, he was already naked and shackling one wrist to the ceiling restraints on his own.

When Caroline still didn’t make a move, he scoffed and tightened the chains himself. A tattoo of metallic clinks echoed in their sparse chamber. Klaus’s arm pulled taut above his head, and he actually wound the chains in place, keeping his arm in that uncomfortable position.

Caroline aided the punishment by doing the same to his other arm. A small part of her worried as her lover’s toes barely grazed the floor. Still she forced her face into a blank slate.

To her surprise, he matched her collected calm throughout the night. And it wasn’t as though she was gentle with him. She slapped, whipped, and bit, avoiding only the most tender areas labeled as off-limits.

Klaus remained stoic through it all. Oh, he made noise; hissing and grunting when the pain became overwhelming. But he visibly held back. His jaw clenched, his teeth muffling any sounds that dared to escape. He didn’t speak. Not once did he call her love or even his Mistress. The only confirmation she had of his enjoyment was how hard he remained during his torment.

After she freed him, Klaus made no mention of staying late. Without so much as a sly offer to walk her home, he redressed and swept out before she even had her skirt on.

By the time Caroline went home she was sweaty, sticky, and frigidly unfulfilled.

Next time she initiated a meet-up. Over text, his response was his usual snarky yet charming self. He even promised new surprises awaited her. Caroline almost began to believe the last time had been a strange fluke.

His avowed surprises ended up genuinely startling her. A thick, wooden rack that appeared more torturous than sexual was propped at an 80 degree angle against one wall. Beside it was a new, cold metal slab of a table, with a couple toys of which Caroline could only guess the uses. Much as she hated to admit it, her knowledge of the implements was still in its infancy.

She didn’t ask what they were for. He never offered to explain. That night she strapped him down to the rack and used the usual on him. Once again, he bit his tongue. And once again, while her physical appetite had been whetted, her chest remained painfully tight when she crawled into her own bed early in the morning.

Eventually curiosity got the better of her. Caroline waited a week, until a day she had her lover completely at her mercy.

Klaus sat in the old chair, arms splayed toward the heavens and ankles chained firmly to the shackles riveted into the wall. Lengths of metal wound around his shins, binding him to the chair. Not that it meant much, should he truly want to escape, but it was enough to make him think twice. Pulling splinters out of the back of the knee hardly constituted for an erotic night, even for them.

Before she undressed or so much as touched him, Caroline strode to the new, still unused slab table. She picked up a toy that looked an awful lot like a vibrator, except the four inch extension was encased with tempered glass. It almost looked like a long light bulb.

“What is this?” she demanded.

Klaus smirked. The movement alone gave her a jolt to realize he hadn’t looked anything but bored, angry, or indifferent for weeks.

Impatiently, she said, “I already Googled creepy light bulb sex toy. If I knew what this was or how to use it, I’d just do it.”

This time he chuckled. Caroline waited expectantly, but still he said nothing. Just gave her that antagonizing smile.

Finally, Caroline realized what was happening. For days, weeks, he adamantly refused to vocalize anything outside the cold contact of texting. And this was after weeks of silence on his end.

This entire time, he’d been challenging her. Telling her what she did no longer excited him as it should. That it was all routine. That she obviously needed new toys to up the ante.

Oh, hell no.

Narrowing her eyes, Caroline turned her attention to the contraption in her hands. Buttons and a switch called to her. But when she flipped the toy on, she was startled when a particular thrumming sound reverberated in her ears. The toy didn’t vibrate; it just continued that deep electrical hum. She forgot to keep a cool front and her eyes widened.

And Klaus just. Sat there. And smiled. He seemed to revel in her dawning realizations.

Choking back anger, Caroline stalked up to him, waving the toy as though it were a more formidable knife. “You are unbelievable,” she all but shouted. “You break into my house and you think I’m the one who should feel bad?”

If Klaus could have shrugged, she was sure he would. Instead he just allowed his smirk to fade a touch.

She knew using the toy was giving in to a part of his petty scheme, but in the moment Caroline didn’t care. She touched the live tip to him, viciously pleased when he jolted uncontrollably. Klaus gritted his teeth, unable to hold back a strange keening groan. Caroline pulled back and he went a little slack, his eyes boiling as he defiantly met her gaze. And still—still—the bulge in his jeans didn’t change. Blood pulsing rapidly throughout his body reached her ears.

Electricity was a hell of a sexual weapon, it seemed.

Caroline leaned in, more than happy to match his glare. “I ought to just leave you here like this,” she stated.

Klaus’s mouth twitched and then, amazingly, he spoke. “Fortunately, I’m quite certain I can pleasure myself better.”

The jab at her abilities shouldn’t have hurt. It was low and childish. But nobody had ever claimed Caroline had not satisfied them. Not since her first, and her younger, more impulsive, meaner self had made him regret doing so.

So she responded by touching him with the toy again. This time she drew nonsensical lines over his torso, not bothering to skip over his nipples or base of his throat. Klaus continually shuddered. His chest heaved in an effort to hold back sound, and his nipples hardened in response to the painful stimulation. Blood flushed his face with color.

Caroline pulled her weapon back again, turning it off so she could stand back and cross her arms safely. The air around them was different already, with the smell and feel of the air after a violent thunderstorm. She put her weight onto one foot, cocking her head. She could feel cruelty bubbling to the surface, something Klaus was awfully adept at doing to her.

“Maybe if you start calling me Mistress again, I’ll forgive you,” she informed him.

The currents had taken a toll on him, but if anything heated lust only turned his eyes feverish when he looked at her. Klaus continued to draw ragged breaths until he calmed himself.

“I only call the woman I respect Mistress,” he said hoarsely. What lit his eyes then was closer to rage than lust. “When she returns, I will call her whatever she wishes, do as she pleases until she comes, and appreciate every apology I still owe.”

Caroline’s initial instinct was to freak out and tear into him. “What did I even do to you?” she snapped. “You’re the one who keeps breaking the rules. We had a good thing, Klaus!”

His chest heaved, this time with an impatient sigh. Klaus’s eyes rolled up, his teeth close together as he said, “If ‘good’ is all you can give me then I’d rather you leave.”

Something about his quite manner seemed threatening. Caroline aimed the toy at him again, flipping the switch on again. “Maybe I should.”

“One day you will,” Klaus said. He still didn’t meet her eyes, but his mouth curved in a self-deprecating manner. “But you’ll go, knowing I’ll still come here every week.” He licked his lips. “And when you eventually realize this was what you wanted all along, you’ll return—and I’ll probably have given up on you.”

Caroline had no response to his insane chatter. Instead she gave him another jolt, pressing the toy into his skin until he finally emitted a muffled cry.

Klaus shuddered and pulled against his restraints, the muscles of his arms swelling with effort. Pain laced his voice as he ground out, “This pathetic display changes nothing.”

Caroline didn’t want to hear it. She retracted the toy, only to hit him with another current seconds later. Klaus’s back arched sharply, his fists clenching as his struggle threatened to rip out chunks of the ceiling.

She wondered if it would bring the entire structure down on them both.

In the space she eased up on the torment, Klaus would use his spare breath to curse. Somehow this dance had become far more dangerous than it should have, but Caroline felt a reckless abandon overtaking her. Quite possibly the same kind that constantly overtook her lover, like when he ripped someone’s throat out for back-talking him, or when he jumped her in her room over a month ago.

A creaking sound warned her of the chains of his restraints buckling beneath his strength. Not wanting him to get the jump on her again, Caroline knew she had to act fast.

So she tore his pants off. They hung in tatters where the chains began their winding course near his knees. Her brash move was enough for him to cease struggling momentarily, and that was all the time she needed. Caroline straddled him on the chair, never releasing her grip on the toy, pulling her skirt up and pulling her panties to the side so she could use him to penetrate herself.

Klaus tensed again, but this time his expression spoke of the things he wanted to do to her—nonviolent, explosively pleasurable things.

Caroline rocked against him. She tangled her free hand in his hair, forcing him to look at her as she pleasured the both of them with her movements. So long as their eyes locked he didn’t fight her, his previous rage tempered to a smolder as his cock swelled inside of her with every grind.

She hated him in so many ways. How he had such a firm hold on her, how she could go against her better judgment and just aim to please him, utterly confounded and irritated her. But this was just as self-serving.

She’d missed the passion behind the sex. The last few silent meetings were really just the utter animal movements of a hybrid and vampire fucking. He had been cold then; dispassionate.

Now she’d gotten him riled up. He’d finally spoken to her, even if it was to rant and swear.

Caroline moaned and increased her rocking. How frustrating was it that he was better at hitting all the spots she liked? Yet he seemed excited by her complete control, growling his appreciation as he aided what little movement he could.

Panting, Caroline touched the toy to his chest again. Klaus’s entire body jolted. Even his cock twitched from the shock. His loud groans were no longer muffled, his voice shaken by the trembling that overtook his body.

At last, Caroline abandoned the toy in favor of just touching him. Her fingers grazed his stiff nipple, and Klaus gave her an approving moan.

Just as he’d tormented hers to raw so many weeks ago, Caroline set about returning the favor. She pinched and pulled, pleased to see his chest bow toward her touch.

Because the need was palpable between them now, she gave in and crushed her mouth against his.

And with that the sparks turned into a blazing inferno. Caroline pulled her lover’s face closer, and Klaus eagerly complied with her every move. Her grinding became frenzied until at last she discovered that sweet, hard-won tempo in just the right place, and her ensuing orgasms caused her to shudder against him.

The tension in his shoulders spoke of how badly he wanted to grab her, but Caroline was intent on taking complete advantage of the situation. She broke their bruising kiss, pressing her forehead against his and staring down into his stormy eyes.

Klaus tensed beneath her, barely managing to utter, “Caroline….”

Somehow hearing him speak her name did her in. Caroline allowed herself a long, low cry as she came again. And, gradually, she slowed her rocking.

And Klaus remained still beneath her, looking both spent and insatiable. Caroline shivered at the thought of going again.

Instead she climbed off him and smoothed her skirt down, doing her best not to look perturbed. All the same, her impulsive decision had ruined a perfectly beautiful skirt, and she wasn’t happy with the realization.

As though he could read her mind—and he was probably just reading her expression—Klaus snorted with amusement.

Perturbed, Caroline glanced around until she found the toy she’d tossed aside. Gingerly, she turned it off and returned it to the metal table. Then, only when she was finished cleaning, she knelt beside Klaus to release his ankles from their restraints.

After the second click closer to freedom, he spoke quietly.

“It’s called a violet wand.”

Caroline looked up sharply. With pursed lips, she carefully unspun the chains from his legs before rising to her feet. Strangely he remained seated, eyes following her expectantly.

Carefully, she said, “I’d think it was a bit strong to sell to humans.”

He looked pleased at her observation. “I may have tampered with it a bit,” he admitted coyly.

She stepped forward, raising her arms toward his left wrist. “Worth it?”

His breath was warm, washing over her breasts until Caroline felt her nipples harden beneath her bra. “In the end,” he murmured, “yes.”

Exhaling, Caroline flashed him a smile. “Good.”

Then, rather than releasing him from the bonds, she straddled his lap again. Her fingers trailed over his wet cock; eyes never leaving his face. Klaus stared back, transfixed, and he began to harden beneath her touch again. When Caroline grasped him and stroked, using their earlier release as lubricant, he used what little leverage he had to capture her mouth with his own. Caroline returned the kiss with fervor.

As much as he infuriated her, kept playing these ridiculous games, this was where she wanted to be at night.

Once her lover was fully hard again, Caroline brought her hand to her lips, holding his gaze as she tasted their combined passion. The salty and sweet mixed in the most delicious way, a taste that was uniquely them.

Klaus glared until she offered her fingers to him. He licked them eagerly, the molten passion of his eyes lighting his entire face as they shared the results of their lovemaking.

Only when her hand was clean did Caroline release him. From just one shackle.

It was enough.

Klaus wrapped his free arm around her, pulling her close so their lips could meet again. His tongue was insistent and she gave way willingly. Caroline’s skirt was completely ruined now, stained with the wet arousal that still dripped from her.

As though sensing the same, Klaus tore her skirt and panties free and urged himself inside of her a second time.

Caroline rode him, one hand pressed against the back of his neck and the other twined up his arm to tangle her fingers with his. Her lover used his free hand to rip the rest of her clothes free, nuzzling and nipping at her breasts enough that Caroline actually worried he would soon break skin.

But that was part of the thrill.

She guided his head back up, pressing her cheek against his. Rough stubble scraped her cheek as she writhed atop him. Klaus tightened his hold around her waist, somehow managing to stay on the chair as he thrust up into her until she cried out and came a second time. Their legs slipped against each other from her gushing arousal. Friction became almost unattainable, and that only seemed to heighten Klaus’s intensity.

When he found his release, Caroline was nearly crushed as he pulled her body tight against his. His moans threatened to crush her eardrums, yet the echo still send shivers down her spine. Just seconds after he came, Caroline orgasmed again, the ferocity of his thrusting hardly slowing until she did.

The warm wash of bliss had barely passed before Caroline realized she had forgotten about her lover’s comfort. Silently apologetic, she unclasped his final shackle. Klaus’s arms fell to their sides, and he glanced at her with a mixture of anger and gratitude.

After a moment’s pause, Caroline said, “How am I supposed to get home, now?”

Klaus shrugged, both his hands rubbing her waist almost absent-mindedly. “Vampire speed, love.” At her incredulous look, he added smugly, “You get used to the thrill of exhibitionism soon enough.”

Oh, lovely. Another kink to explore. Yet when Caroline blew out an annoyed sigh and leaned to rest her head upon his shoulder, she had the distinct feeling it would be more exciting than she imagined.

After all, a willingness to push the boundaries was what had gotten her into this erotic mess in the first place.