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... I don't understand why I do this to myself. I had no intention on making a sequel, but apparently once the lemons pop, they don't... un-pop.

So. Here's the sequel to Per the Rules.

While meeting in public wasn’t inherently against the rules, Caroline still couldn’t believe what her secret tryst-goer had just asked of her. The audacity, the balls this man constantly exceeded her expectations. And he always waited to push beyond her capacity for understanding each time she drew the line in her mind.

She sat back in the creaky chair. Disbelief stained her lips.

He didn’t pause. Infuriating calm guided the glass to his full, sensual lips. Yet he didn’t take his eyes off her. His gaze glimmered with exciting prospects.

Slowly, Caroline said, “I thought the deal was that I was in charge. As in, all the time. As in, every time.”

A capricious smile played across his face. “As a constant, don’t you think that seems rather dull?” He kept his deceptively lax posture; shoulders slumped as he leaned onto the table. Though he smelled wonderful, and that damnable smile was enough to stir interest between her thighs.

Thankfully, she couldn’t smell herself. And hopefully, neither could he.

Besides, she wasn’t about to agree with him. Caroline kept leaning away from him, her arms folded beneath her breasts. When his eyes traveled to the curve of her chest, she couldn’t help but feel secretly pleased. Admiration was hardly a terrible thing.

Aloud, she said, “Even if that were true, that doesn’t mean I’m down for… that.”

He tapped his fingers against the whiskey glass, offering her a mockingly contemplative frown. “If your education videos on the internet possess a sliver of truth,” he drawled, “then I believe that—as you so delicately attempt to avoid giving the name—is usually called anal sex, love.”

Caroline jerked, her eyes darting to see if anybody heard. “Well, yeah, but polite people don’t go around saying so in public,” she hissed.

Only after she responded did she realize he was purposefully needling her. And his cocky smile gave him away. How he enjoyed eliciting such reactions from her. Particularly when she managed to stay composed for so long.

Fucking Klaus and his fucking confidence and his fucking games.

“Of course not,” he replied cheerfully. Conspicuously, he raised both his glass and voice up a notch. “Polite company call it sodomy.”

He did not just do that! Caroline battled the urge to look around and rapidly lost. Sure enough people were staring, and with far more interest than she wanted.

It had been stupid of her to agree to meet in such a small place. The bar was less a party attraction and more a place for intimate rendezvous. Cloaked in red satins and dimly lit, with drinks more expensive than Caroline wanted to think about. She should have known better than to just meet him “at this address.”

Her jaw set, she lifted her chin and stated, “If you can’t play nice, I’ll just go home.”

“Oh, delightful. I’m certain you could use the company.”

No.” Good god, he was pushy lately. So she broke a rule and cuddled with him once. Klaus knew her better by now; she wasn’t about to compromise all her other rules. If anything, she dug her heels in harder.

Still, he persisted with that aching charm. “You already said you had no plans, love.”

“So?” Caroline lifted a shoulder. “I just changed them.”

“Fine by me,” Klaus said calmly. Beneath the table he nudged something into Caroline’s foot before downing the rest of his liquor. He rose swiftly, all jovial smiles and leers gone with little more than a gust. “You know where to find me.”

“As if,” she shot to his retreating back.

And yet, nursing her thus far neglected glass of wine, she was tempted. She always was. Their arrangement was ideal. Meet up in private, have sex, and most fun of all, subject Klaus to his masochistic side. The loss of control turned him on, and wielding power thrilled her. It was the perfect sexual match.

And that’s all it was. A sexual agreement. Two people who could come together and have fun without getting too attached.

Never mind that Klaus had clearly become attached long ago.

Caroline shook herself before her conscience could remind her of the hypocrisy whirling in her head. Refusing to polish off her wine—she hadn’t paid for it anyway—she grabbed her purse and started to leave.

Her foot bumped the object Klaus had not-so-subtly kicked at her already. Casually, she crouched to pick up a nondescript black bag, with tiny lettering along the bottom.

Clutching her prize, Caroline left for home.

Sleep was difficult for her that night. There were many perks to having her own apartment, but a major downfall was how wrenchingly lonely it could become. Her own glass of wine—not expensive and perfectly palatable, but her own, dammit—and a couple chick flicks later, Caroline still found herself restless.

And hot.

Not in an outward way, but down in that all-too-familiar place, the place her clandestine lover was most adept at pleasing. Clearly hundreds of years had given him just as much experience as confidence. How could she not be drawn to him, even just a little? And once she had a taste, how was she supposed to forget how fervently he fought to please her, even in the times he became so savage in his lovemaking it could strike gut-deep terror?

Caroline kicked the sheets off. Exhaling softly, she reached down and pulled up the hem of the sheer black teddy. Despite the mesh-like fabric, it was smooth and just as comfortable as her favorite T-shirt.

Klaus had expensive taste, but damn if it wasn’t equally refined.

Slipping a hand into her panties, Caroline began to rub herself. She closed her eyes, recalling the way he had shoved her down and taken her roughly the last time; how his lustful cries had echoed when she had set about whipping him with the wood-tipped cat o’ nine tails. Receiving and taking pain, shooting hot spikes of pleasure throughout her body, her ears filled with the silent pants of her determined lover….

Caroline had barely increased her speed before the hand clamped down on her wrist.

Shrieking, she jerked and lashed out with her free hand. Fear of an intruder was first on her mind—though, within an instant, that fear turned to rage and she knew she could maim the idiot who dared to break into her home—with sheer humiliation of being caught in a personal, compromising position was a close second.

But then her other hand was caught, and she was thrown back to the bed. The intruder straddled her, leaning down to glare at her with molten eyes.

Klaus was furious.

Disbelief dropped Caroline’s jaw as she took in her enemy. “What—are you kidding me?” she spat. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I waited for you,” Klaus snarled. Their faces were so close that wisps of his hair tickled her forehead. Heat emanated from his body. “Yet you never came. Strange, isn’t it? You had a free night, we have our typical spat, yet here I catch you choosing to have fun without me.”

Caroline’s ears went hot. “Excuse me?” she demanded. “We had no official arrangement.”

Klaus either didn’t hear her words or outright ignored them. He shifted so his body was lying atop hers, pressing down as she continued to struggle. “Do I no longer satisfy you, love?” he whispered hoarsely in her ear. His erection shoved insistently against her stomach, seeming to grow harder as she writhed and attempted to throw him off.

“Get—off—me,” she gasped.

“I’m hurt, Caroline,” he shot back with quiet rage.

And then he kissed her. His mouth was brutal and bruising, yet Caroline found herself returning affection with her tongue even as she kept fighting. How insane was she, she wondered? Klaus coming to her home was completely against the agreement. But here he was, his well-toned body grinding against her and his lips searing with anger.

Caroline tried again to throw him off, but Klaus was having none of it. He positioned his knees on either side of her hips. Despite herself she moaned in protest as he took away the most ardent proof of his agonizing need for her.

Breaking free, Klaus eyed her. “You apparently cared for the lingerie,” he accused.

Barely winded, Caroline said, “You owed me.”

“You make it look stunning,” he agreed.

Before she could retort, Klaus pulled the hem of the teddy up until her breasts were exposed. He immediately went for one of her nipples, sucking and teasing the tip with his tongue with such ferocity Caroline immediately cried out. Rather than shy away from the intensity, she arched into it, her moans letting loose.

This appeared to excite her lover. Klaus never let up on his hold of her, choosing to switch from tormenting one nipple to the other at his leisure. Just as Caroline was about to beg him to let off he stopped. Klaus then gave comparatively chaste, gentle kisses to the underside of her breasts and down her ribs. The sensation tickled her, and Caroline couldn’t hold back a gasping giggle.

“Oh my god, seriously, stop!” she squealed.

“Never,” he breathed over her hip. After a gentle bite that hardly even dented her flesh, he added, “I intend to make you suffer tonight, sweetheart.”

“Give me a break,” she whispered. To her surprise, Klaus responded by carefully removing the panties of her new lingerie. “Oh, what, you can’t ruin your things?” Despite her snark, she hurried to remove the teddy as well. If he was going to touch her then he would have all of her, plain and simple.

He smirked, at last releasing her wrists to caress her. Caroline shivered as the lightest brush across her overly sensitive nipples shot sweet pain down her spine. “That’s right.”

Caroline propped herself on her elbows and scowled. “So what do you call this, then?”

Klaus finally looked at her again. He couldn’t hide his startled expression before she caught a glimpse, but his words were low and sincere.

“I don’t own you, love. You’ve already claimed me.”

That he had dared put it to words was enough to stun her into silence. Satisfied, Klaus urged her back down. When she spread her legs for him, her breath hitching at his brilliant smile, he took the hint and began kissing her. First just with his lips, and then with his tongue.

Caroline allowed her head to sink back into her mountain of pillows. To be fair, he had a point—her own hands were dull and lifeless compared to what he did to her. Pleasure pooled in her belly with a hot rush, building steadily as Klaus buried his face into her with a blissful moan.

And when he brought her over the brink of orgasm, Caroline welcomed it with a sharp cry. Yet Klaus didn’t continue on to bring about another, instead rising to crush her lips again and push his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself. Caroline clutched at his back, deliberately sinking her nails in to draw blood.

He hissed quietly.

Abruptly, Klaus rolled onto his back and lifted her up with that vampire skill and speed. Though she drank blood just as he did, Caroline found herself dazed by his speed.

Fucking Originals.

She was amused to find him undoing his jeans, his shirt apparently a non-issue. Caroline had to disagree. She decided to return the favor he had bestowed upon her time and again, and tore it from his body before he could stop her.

Klaus actually paused, his pants halfway removed beneath her. His nostrils flared. “You’ll pay for that,” he snarled.

“I’m good for my debts.” Caroline shut him up by shifting her weight down lower on his legs, leaning over until his cock was in her mouth. Hot and pulsing and filling in a strange way that, while not her favorite, still gave her an undeniable amount of pleasure. She loved how he gave in to her then, how his quest to become naked was abandoned as she had to hold his hips down when he fought to shove deeper into her mouth. Caroline stroked him with her hand as well, and with that Klaus at last expressed himself with a long, low groan.

As she continued to focus on his cock, Caroline realized she was becoming wetter and wetter. Just as he seemed to become hard when he went down on her, even if he hadn’t started that way.

Giving was something awfully potent for the both of them.

Caroline only meant to pause for air. Unsurprisingly, Klaus was finished with the teasing. He yanked her back, sliding her up until his cock rubbed her soaking wet clit. Caroline moaned and responded by grinding down. Hot, slippery movements flowed between them for several heady seconds.

Then Klaus grasped her hips and plunged his cock up into her.

That initial penetration stole Caroline’s breath. She clasped down on his arms to steady herself. He didn’t even pause, thrusting with the perfect rhythm as he guided her hips with the motions. Caroline moaned loudly and gripped harder, heedless of her nails drawing more blood. Klaus’s wounds healed rapidly, but the blood smeared over her hands as she tore him again and again. She cried out with each rocking thrust, her pleasure spiking when Klaus’s determined, heated breathing intensified.

“I won’t stop until you come, love,” he swore.

Caroline opened her mouth to reply. With what, she wasn’t certain, but it didn’t matter. Her words were cut off as he tangled his fingers in her coiled tresses and pulled. Her head jerked back, her hips still forcefully guided by his other hand. Then, apparently unsatisfied with just her hips, Klaus allowed her to guide the rhythm on her own. Content to explore her body with the free hand, he roamed as he pleased. Rubbing her clit, rolling her sore, reddened nipple between his fingers, leaving deep welts across her belly and sides as he scratched her fervently. She healed just as quickly, but the sting added to her heightening arousal.

No wonder he loved her abusing him. Pain mingled with pleasure so well that Caroline hardly remembered what normal, vanilla sex felt like anymore.

All too soon Caroline came. Shudders wracked her as Klaus gave no signs of letting up, striking her with deep-set pleasure again and again. Her cries became whimpers when the motions didn’t let up.

Finally Klaus’s movements slowed until she sat still atop him. Both were slick with sweat and Caroline’s sexual arousal, and his cock was still swollen inside her.

Once she’d caught her breath, Caroline leaned down and kissed him. Klaus responded, this time with tenderness that had been missing earlier. Something caught in her throat in that moment.

She would not put a name to it.

Instead she murmured, “Why haven’t you come yet?”

At first he didn’t answer. Klaus rolled her back onto the sheets, half covering her body with his as he left blistering kisses along her neck, collarbone, and swell of her breasts. When he did answer, it was without looking at her, and his voice was rough.

“It wasn’t enough.”

Caroline stilled. “What—excuse me?” she blurted.

He still refused to look at her, continuing to kiss her neck. Were the roles reversed, she would bite him, but Klaus didn’t have that luxury with her. His bite was deadly, and the poison of his werewolf venom was not a line either of them were keen on crossing again.

Then, with the most gentle insistence, he held her down and slid into her again. Caroline’s breath caught, and she was enraptured by his expression. Pure, unaccountable bliss overtook his face as he moved, slowly, so slowly that the fire smoldered between her legs until she throbbed with the need for him to be rough.

Yet when Caroline began rocking against him, Klaus would pause. Then move again. And stop when she tried to make him go faster.

“What are you doing, trying to drive me crazy?” she exclaimed from frustration.

“Shh.” As condescending as it should have been, his hush actually seemed sincere. Caroline arched her back, and that he didn’t stop. But he kept his thrusts slow and steady, his lips trailing across whatever part of her they could touch, everywhere but her mouth.

Somehow, despite the agonizing slowness, that familiar pressure began to build in her again. Caroline began to time her exhales with each of his thrusts into her, occasionally allowing a small whimper to escape. Klaus still made no sound but his uneven breathing. He watched her, seemed to completely drink in her nakedness with a full, quenching way he never had before. And his eyes, crazed with lust and need and affection as a turmoil of wind and rain, pierced hers in a way that gave Caroline the sensation that something had cracked within her.

This time her orgasm didn’t come as an explosion; more like a rapid, tingling release of pressure that struck her momentarily blind. A single, drawn-out moan, along with a brief intensity of movement spoke of her lover’s release as well.

Once Klaus was spent, he withdrew. As always, it seemed to pain him to leave her comforting warmth.

And then, Caroline realized as her head cleared, it got awkward. He lay beside her on the bed—her bed. This was not allowed. No home visits, no cuddling, no affection beyond sex.

What the hell was she getting herself in to?

“You can’t stay,” she said, her voice strangely flat.

Klaus closed his eyes, his expression unreadable. “I’m aware, love.”


“I said, I heard you.”

Caroline’s ire peaked, but he moved before she could snap back at him. With that inhuman speed Klaus gathered his clothes and vanished without so much as a glance behind him.

And Caroline was left behind, attempting to fall asleep with sheets and pillows that smelled just like him.


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Nov. 11th, 2014 02:49 am (UTC)
Hot as hell and even more bittersweet for Klaroline. I loved it.
Thank you for sharing.
Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:17 pm (UTC)
This was fabulous and crazy hot.
Nicely done.
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