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Updating on life recently....

Oh, man, where to start.

1) I'm working on a one-shot Klaus/Elena smutfic. Please don't ask why. I had a dream I can't shake, and the image of Klaus whispering, "It must be nice to want," and needling her by refusing to compel her into sex, by forcing her to admit she wants it on her own terms, just will not go away.

2) I'm moving into the apartment below my boyfriend's. It's my test drive--if he can handle me living in the same building, knowing I can go upstairs and knock and bother him anytime, regardless of what's going on (the Abigail thing included), then we can handle actually living together when he seriously starts looking to buy a house.

Plus, my old place has sugar ants and I'm sick of spending a ton of money trying to keep them out when they still go after goddamn toothpaste.

3) The werewolf novel is into its 18th chapter! I'm a little stuck trying to semi-resolve some minor plot points before delving into the events that will lead to the massive death-laden finale, but I think I may be getting to a point I can pull it all off.

4) I still hate my job--but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 5 month Japan trip starting January. If I get that, I'll make some serious cash. Not to mention the weight I'll lose between walking everywhere and the insanely healthy food.

5) Been obsessively playing the first Borderlands for the past couple weeks. Naturally, I am playing Lilith aka "The Siren."

6) I have an adopted nephew! His name is August, and I just got to attend his first birthday. I adore that kid. He loves the toys that creep me out that I can pawn off on him, he's insanely easy to be around for being so young, happy 90% of the time, and I can hand him off to his mom at any time! I love being an auntie.

7) Me and a couple girl friends are having a Vampire Diaries premier party next week, and I am so super excited about it! Please, pleeeeaaaaaase let there be lots of delicious Ian Somerhalder....

8) Hoping to visit my grandmother this winter. Trying to build up the leave, but not getting the flu has been a bitch for me this year.

9) Finally got my sister to tell my parents about what happened to her... both the worst and best time. It went well, but there were a lot of tears from her and I.

10) And... last of all, both my sister and my friend Kayla have asked me to be their maid of honor during their weddings. Kayla's date is undetermined, my sister's might be next year, providing the army gives her fiance time to do it, and I'm both flattered and nervous. I've still never been to a wedding, really, and the last one I decided not to count considering what the asshole and his wife did to my family this year.

It's been busy.

And... that's more or less it. I'm going to give the Klaulena fic another shot before bed.