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March 21st, 2015


What a weird past few months it's been.

We found out what the baby is--and, of course, it's a boy. Ha! That's what the family gets for hoping for a girl, I suppose. My new niece (only girl in extended family) pouted, but I convinced her it was her uncle's fault, so she glares at him now. Silly girl.

His name is going to be Quinn. And he's a squirmy little fuck. (Yes, I clean up my language around children.) 6 months in now and I've felt him for the past 2. I get the feeling he'll be a handful.

I've also been neck-deep in Klaroline fanfic for a while now... how weird is that? In the Same Ol' Crescent City is nearly complete, Confectionery Klaus just gets more insane (but seriously, having him slowly turn into candy thanks to a curse is pretty fun to write), and Bartholomew is my first venture into sci-fi since I was into Megami Kouhosei.

Really. Weird.

Gonna be moving soon... again. Hopefully for the last time. Lots of drama with my mother; she's furious about the pregnancy and hasn't had a nice word to say about it. Yay. At least Daddy's excited to be a grandpa. :)

And... yeah. That's my boring life. Noooot too exciting these days.