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What a weird past few months it's been.

We found out what the baby is--and, of course, it's a boy. Ha! That's what the family gets for hoping for a girl, I suppose. My new niece (only girl in extended family) pouted, but I convinced her it was her uncle's fault, so she glares at him now. Silly girl.

His name is going to be Quinn. And he's a squirmy little fuck. (Yes, I clean up my language around children.) 6 months in now and I've felt him for the past 2. I get the feeling he'll be a handful.

I've also been neck-deep in Klaroline fanfic for a while now... how weird is that? In the Same Ol' Crescent City is nearly complete, Confectionery Klaus just gets more insane (but seriously, having him slowly turn into candy thanks to a curse is pretty fun to write), and Bartholomew is my first venture into sci-fi since I was into Megami Kouhosei.

Really. Weird.

Gonna be moving soon... again. Hopefully for the last time. Lots of drama with my mother; she's furious about the pregnancy and hasn't had a nice word to say about it. Yay. At least Daddy's excited to be a grandpa. :)

And... yeah. That's my boring life. Noooot too exciting these days.
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Per the Rules :: Caroline/Klaus :: The Vampire Diaries

PWP. Seriously. I couldn't tell you when or where this takes place. I just knew it had to.

Also, it's honestly my first time writing characters quite like Klaus and Caroline (more honestly... Damon and Elena are types I've written before), so I can't promise the characterizations are wholly faithful. But I did the best I could within a plotless fic.

And finally... there is kink here. And I mean BDSM. Not the tootsy-roll giggle giddy fluff that is 50 Shades of Grey. I mean kink people (well, minus a couple vampirey details) actively take part in. The only thing I chose not to do was anal sex, simply because I felt I needed to establish this... thing going on, first.

So. With all those disclaimers out of the way, if you so dare... enjoy.

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Return for smut

Been a long, loooong time.

A lot's happened. I broke up with Eric. Been dating a new guy for nearly this entire year. I'm pregnant with my first child (keeping fingers crossed for a girl--too many boys in this house!).

And because of this pregnancy, I've been having unreasonably hot, horny dreams lately. This has finally pushed me to work on another TVD fanfic.

I know, I have unfinished projects.

But I've never written a serious, solid BDSM smutfic before.

Stay tuned. I started half an hour ago and am two pages deep already.
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Wut wut

Going to Everett for a few weeks for work. Cha-ching! Not as much money in it as Japan, but still. Cha-fucking-ching.

Going to miss Isleigh, though, the gorgeous little whore. The SO will take care of her in my absence.

Hmm. Got the novel entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Actually quite proud of the title: Howl of the Sequoia. Or, HotS. Heh. Clever.

Not much else to say. Gotta pack and clean for the rest of the day, even if the call of Mass Effect 2 is strong....
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Finished my second novel. Going to try getting it into Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest this month, if I can edit it in time.

Also got back in contact with an old friend of mine. Turns out Melly whored herself out to my ex-roommate, AKA, the man she claimed raped her so Jenny and I would help her move out that night, and married the ex-roommate without actually breaking things off with my friend. So. You know. Good job. I helped him pawn anything she had of value, and the rest will eventually be donated to Goodwill. Feels good, yo.

Also been working out again. Sigh. Let's see if I can stick to it.

Aaaaaand... other than that, life is fucking grand.
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Updating on life recently....

Oh, man, where to start.

1) I'm working on a one-shot Klaus/Elena smutfic. Please don't ask why. I had a dream I can't shake, and the image of Klaus whispering, "It must be nice to want," and needling her by refusing to compel her into sex, by forcing her to admit she wants it on her own terms, just will not go away.

2) I'm moving into the apartment below my boyfriend's. It's my test drive--if he can handle me living in the same building, knowing I can go upstairs and knock and bother him anytime, regardless of what's going on (the Abigail thing included), then we can handle actually living together when he seriously starts looking to buy a house.

Plus, my old place has sugar ants and I'm sick of spending a ton of money trying to keep them out when they still go after goddamn toothpaste.

3) The werewolf novel is into its 18th chapter! I'm a little stuck trying to semi-resolve some minor plot points before delving into the events that will lead to the massive death-laden finale, but I think I may be getting to a point I can pull it all off.

4) I still hate my job--but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 5 month Japan trip starting January. If I get that, I'll make some serious cash. Not to mention the weight I'll lose between walking everywhere and the insanely healthy food.

5) Been obsessively playing the first Borderlands for the past couple weeks. Naturally, I am playing Lilith aka "The Siren."

6) I have an adopted nephew! His name is August, and I just got to attend his first birthday. I adore that kid. He loves the toys that creep me out that I can pawn off on him, he's insanely easy to be around for being so young, happy 90% of the time, and I can hand him off to his mom at any time! I love being an auntie.

7) Me and a couple girl friends are having a Vampire Diaries premier party next week, and I am so super excited about it! Please, pleeeeaaaaaase let there be lots of delicious Ian Somerhalder....

8) Hoping to visit my grandmother this winter. Trying to build up the leave, but not getting the flu has been a bitch for me this year.

9) Finally got my sister to tell my parents about what happened to her... both the worst and best time. It went well, but there were a lot of tears from her and I.

10) And... last of all, both my sister and my friend Kayla have asked me to be their maid of honor during their weddings. Kayla's date is undetermined, my sister's might be next year, providing the army gives her fiance time to do it, and I'm both flattered and nervous. I've still never been to a wedding, really, and the last one I decided not to count considering what the asshole and his wife did to my family this year.

It's been busy.

And... that's more or less it. I'm going to give the Klaulena fic another shot before bed.
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Something I feel the need to point out over all this 50 Shades of Grey hype (aside from the fact it is obviously a copyright infringement and terribly written and inaccurate AND depicting an abusive relationship as a BDSM kink AND was originally Twilight fanfiction that only saw the light of publishing day because the author also happens to be a TV producer in Britain who obviously had connections to get this atrocious, mindless thing out to the public while making a profit)....

On the copyright infringement note, a lot of people have been saying Stephenie Meyer has a case wherein she could sue and win.

Problem is, Meyer would open a whole can of worms with that. No publicity is bad publicity, so the case itself wouldn't matter, but if she won then she would open the door for L.J. Smith to sue her for copyright infringement. Because, as I and many others have said before, TWILIGHT BORDERS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ON VAMPIRE DIARIES, WHICH WAS PUBLISHED NEARLY 15 YEARS EARLIER.

The whole debacle infuriates me. And I wish I could find that website that outlined and actually provided excerpts of both books where Twilight seemed to copy it almost word for word, but I can't. Just know that the big "I'm a vampire and dangerous for you" reveal was unnervingly similar, from the woods to the conversation, as well as the whole "Elena/Bella is nearly raped but saved at the last minute by Stefan/Edward" scenes are also eerily the same.


Fuck 50 Shades of Grey. That's all I have to say.
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