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Aug. 8th, 2012

So. Toward the end of season 3, I realized Elena does something interesting. It used to be that if someone told her to run, she'd find a reason not to. But when Damon ordered her to, as Kol was beating him senseless, she did.

... I dunno. I call that a big win on the "trust" forefront.
Secret Circle was cancelled after having easily the best season finale of the year. I am inconsolable now.

Jun. 1st, 2012

The biggest issue I take with the pro-life argument is that they only think of the entire pregnancy as the typical end result. They're not picturing blastocysts or embryos (which are the majority of consensual abortions), all they're thinking is, "BABYBABYBABYBABY BIG DOE EYES FAT CHEEKS BABY HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING??!" A blastocyst/embryo is not the chubby-cheeked baby you're picturing, god damn it.
PWP. NC-17.

I think I am incapable of writing gentle Damon/Elena sex.

In which Jeremy never interrupts.

Don'tCollapse )
Debating writing the last major Damon/Elena scene so that Jeremy never interrupts. The only question is... do they have sex all the way, or does Damon merely just pleasure her on the balcony before Jeremy shows up?
So I wake up, notice I missed a call. Listen to the voicemail. It's the Resource office at work, asking me to call them back ASAP. So I'm half awake at 1pm, thinking, "Jesus fucking Christ, what now?" I call them back, and it goes something like:

Resource: "Hi, D. Thanks for calling us back."

Me: "Mmhm. What's up?"

Resource: "We have a trip to Japan coming up as soon as next week. Did you want to--"

Me: *wide awake* "YES"

Resource: "Great. So, we'll have to..."

And they explain what I'll have to get done this week, and the only words coming out of my mouth are, "YES" "YUP" "KAY" "THANK YOU" "OMGKJSAVFSDAKJFBSKBFAHFVBSAFDS;LGBJFV"

Getting paid to go back! Awwww yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh.
Japan was amazing. I got sexed a lot in spite of contracting a UTI.

Now I'm back to work with my normal crew and my back. Is. Killing me. I also forgot that I don't have to volunteer for weekends anymore, and now I'm stuck for a 10 hour shift tomorrow. Ugh.

On the bright side... um... I has boozes.


I miss sex.
So far I have bought shirts, scarves, socks, neat little sewing scissors, and a shit ton of delicious food.

It is utterly depressing that even the Taco Bell out here is better than in the states. And that they can have Pepper Lunch (OMGYUM) and Koren BBQ without people suing for burning themselves over their own incompetence.

I still have yet to buy one of the creepy naked figurines (all female, of course, and covered with tape due to their porn laws) or creepy porn or anything cliche and Japanese.

I have 3 days left and I'm not ready to leave.
I'm in Japan and got laid and afraid of the toilets. Loving it. ♥
On the plane and off to Tokyo! Will blog when I get to the hotel.